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  • The Best DJ Period

    DJ Mike Swain is the owner and DJ for Make It Kount Entertainment. He has been in the sound/music industry for over 20 years. He got his start while in high school, where he started working with sound equipment and as they say, “the rest is history”! Mike has always had a passion for music, but there is no passion bigger than the one he has for helping people have the time of their lives! He works hard on each and every one of his events to ensure that no detail is left out or overlooked, in other words he strives for perfection! Mike will work hard for you, just as he has for all of his other clients.

    We at Make It Kount Entertainment have a personal commitment to each and every client that we have, to ensure that their event is the very best that it can be. We spend hours prior to each event getting ready for that event, making sure that our clients have the most memorable day possible. With such a high commitment to each client, we are able to provide a very high level of customer service and feel that it is always #1! We can’t please everyone all the time, but we strive too!

    Make It Kount Entertainment does have a policy that we will NOT play any explicit lyric music where there is anyone under the age of 18…..GUARANTEE!!!! We are also a proud member of National School Dance Network! We have made a commitment not to play inappropriate songs based on the crowd.

    When it comes to equipment, we only carry top of the line professional grade equipment…..no home stereo here! This means that we ensure that all of our equipment is working great for your event and that we have back-up equipment if needed! We only carry professional brands like American Audio, American DJ, Shure, Behringer, Elation, QSC, dbx, Furman, Eternal Lighting, and Denon DJ…..but unless you are like me and love sound/lighting equipment, all of that doesn’t matter. Your only care is that it looks great and works like it’s suppose too!