• Bryan & Larissa Felan

  • It was a hot day here in Central Texas and two individuals left their single lives behind and became one; one heart, one life, one soul…..they got married! On this warm sunny Sunday afternoon, Bryan and Larissa started their new journey in life as husband and wife. Their new journey started at The Palladium in historic downtown Waco on Austin Ave. They had a simple ceremony and wanted to keep everything else very simple and low key as well. Once the ceremony was over and all of the pictures were done, we went into dinner. After dinner was done, we got things going with their first dance. Side note: I have been noticing that many of the “younger” couples that I have had the pleasure of working with have been choosing older songs for their special dances and this couple wasn’t any different. They chose 1977 song by Billy Joel “Just The Way You Are” and they just looked like they were flying. They locked eyes and danced as thou they were all by themselves. Now, with the fact that this was a Sunday wedding, there wasn’t a massive crowd, but those that did show up, wanted to dance.
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